Bento Trial(s)

19 05 2010

Bento is some kind of a take-out meal. You can buy them in convenience stores (combini), supermarkets or special bento shops. But it’s origin is home prepared versions which I’m trying to master. We usually buy bento with my friends and eat under sakura trees (see: o-hanami) for lunch but as I usually make a little extra for each dinner, I thought I should prepare something and bring that to school. I recently bought myself a bento box with two separate containers, in one I can put rice (read gohan) and to the other container I can put other stuff. My first trial was not that much of a success but here is my second trial:

Home prepared bento

As you can see one container is filled with rice and the little aluminum package contains condiment for the rice which is some kind of a sesame mix. At the other container there is edamame (boiled soy beans), potato salad with a little mayo and mustard, fried chicken pieces (pre-cut as I won’t be carrying a knife ;)) and little tomatoes.

Each bento should contain food in five colors for a balanced diet: White, black, yellow, red and green. White is rice and black is sesame or nori for rice and the other colors are anything. As you can see, I have white rice, black sesame condiment, yellow potato salad, red tomatoes plus chicken (probably) and green edamame. Plus there is a rule for portions which is 3 parts rice, 1 part protein and 2 parts vegetables. So my bento is probably balanced that way also.

Can’t wait to eat this tomorrow at lunch! 😀




2 responses

13 07 2010

Pek begendim :)) Gelince bize de yapar mısın? Sevgiler…

13 07 2010

Hay hay efendim, neden olmasın? Piknik yapacaksak elbette yaparım 🙂

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