Jobs getting piled up…

30 08 2010

I was pretty busy, and had to delay some of the things I had to do. But they are all getting piled up, so I have to start somewhere! These are the updates I have in mind:

  • PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit review
  • GPS module review and BusPirate connection guide
  • C30 v3.23b Linux import has to get finished and guide has to be updated

There are also a few projects coming along with other contributors. Also a few are in my draft book, waiting for parts, tools, time etc. Hopefully I will finish the list and start them soon.




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16 09 2010

Quite anxious for news about the c30 compiler linux port – I’d gotten Matt Jervis’ port to compile ( but when I try to compile the simple test.c, I see dozens of errors like

/usr/local/bin/../lib/gcc/../../share/pic30-nonfree/support/dsPIC30F/h/p30f4013.h:71: error: syntax error before β€˜__attribute__’

from the posts there I am not the only one with this out come

Thanks – Mark

20 09 2010

I contacted Matt and got permission to use some of his files for this port. Because of all the other stuff I have on hand, I cannot concentrate c30 port these days but I will finish it soon. I think I only have to fix the library locations and edit some diff files. Keep on following this blog πŸ™‚

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