TK-1315LA review and connection guide

3 09 2010

I recently purchased a TK-1315LA GPS module and an MMCX antenna set from here. My first test results were good and I am planning to use it in a future project (involving robots of course!). It is a really tiny (L42.0 x W14.0 x H9.2mm) 3.3volt GPS module that tracks up to 20 satellites. The default data output is NMEA0184 V3.00, RTCM formatted data by UART @ 9600bps, 8N1.

GPS module and Bus Pirate connection

The connector is really tiny so I had to get rid of the plastic casing to expose the pins, where I connected the test clips.

The connections are like:

Module Bus Pirate
VCC +3.3V & Vpu
GPIO Do not connect
VBAT +3.3V & Vpu

Vpu is needed as this module needs RX_A pin to be pulled high. You can use either Open Drain or Normal mode for connection, both of them works. Here is the connection method with BP:

HiZ> m
1. HiZ
2. 1-WIRE
4. I2C
5. SPI
6. 2WIRE
7. 3WIRE
9. LCD
x. exit(without change)
(1)> 3
Select UART and set port speed to 9600 bps:
Set serial port speed: (bps)
1. 300
2. 1200
3. 2400
4. 4800
5. 9600
6. 19200
7. 38400
8. 57600
9. 115200
10. BRG raw value
(1)> 5
Set 8N1, idle 1:
Data bits and parity:
1. 8, NONE *default
2. 8, EVEN
3. 8, ODD
4. 9, NONE
Stop bits:
1. 1 *default
2. 2
Receive polarity:
1. Idle 1 *default
2. Idle 0
You can choose either output type, Normal mode will give a warning but that’s OK.
Select output type:
1. Open drain (H=Hi-Z, L=GND)
2. Normal (H=3.3V, L=GND)
(1)> 2
Turn on power supplies, enable pull-up resistors:
Power supplies ON
WARNING: pins not open drain (HiZ)
Pull-up resistors ON
Run UART bridge macro to display data:

UART> (1)
UART bridge
Reset to exit
Are you sure? y
As I was inside, the module couldn’t get any signal from the satellites. But later I plugged in the antenna and started getting valid data quickly. I checked the results with Google Earth and it was nearly dead on!

I’m planning to build the reference design circuit shown in the datasheet so that I can connect it to any system I have directly. I will use single row 0.1 inch male headers to be able to plug this circuit to a breadboard.




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10 07 2013
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