Tokyo HackerSpace Hard-Off Tour

27 01 2015

Hard-Off is one of the “Off” store brands that focuses on second hand hardware. I’ve been to their sister chain, Book-Off, to buy some second hand (and cheap!) English books but never found a Hard-Off in my area. One of our members, Ed, likes to reuse old electronics, especially tube amps (he calls them “valve” amps). I really like the idea as it fits with hacking ideology: Understand how something works, fix problems, make it better… I’ve been dying to go to one of these stores and thanks to Ed, we managed to have a day long tour on 4th of January. Summary:

  • 12.5 hours.
  • 2 prefectures: Chiba-ken and Saitama-ken.
  • 4 members of THS: Ed as driver, me as navigator, Henri as photographer and Richard as “laughing-at-terrible-jokes-guy”.
  • Total of 10 Hard-Offs visited!
First shop pf the day. Ed is pointing at the "Hard-Off mobile." (Photo credit: Henri)

First shop of the day. Ed is pointing at the “Hard-Off mobile.” (Photo credit: Henri)

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12V Phone Charger v2.0

25 06 2011

Just a couple of days after the Great Tohoku Earthquake, everybody at Tokyo HackerSpace was working on projects of their own. This is a project that began at that time but was stalled due to lots of reasons. We might be late for people of Tohoku, but the project is ready for manufacturing for other disasters around the world.

v2.0 board, soldered

One problem we saw was that people were in these shelters without any type of communication. Sure they had cellphones but cellular system was down and charging their phones impossible as all had left their chargers at home. We couldn’t have done anything about cellular system but there was chance that we could help them charge their cellphones.
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MTM06 is over

21 11 2010

Make: Tokyo Meeting 06 was an eye opening experience. Lots of cool stuff to look at & play with, speaking with fellow geeks about their projects (sometimes in Japanese, a really bad one 😀 ) and taking lots of pictures and a couple of videos. I am still thinking about which photo best describes this event, and there are so many! I think I will go with the stuff I bought and got for free. 🙂

MTM06 loot

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Bento Trial(s)

19 05 2010

Bento is some kind of a take-out meal. You can buy them in convenience stores (combini), supermarkets or special bento shops. But it’s origin is home prepared versions which I’m trying to master. We usually buy bento with my friends and eat under sakura trees (see: o-hanami) for lunch but as I usually make a little extra for each dinner, I thought I should prepare something and bring that to school. I recently bought myself a bento box with two separate containers, in one I can put rice (read gohan) and to the other container I can put other stuff. My first trial was not that much of a success but here is my second trial:

Home prepared bento

As you can see one container is filled with rice and the little aluminum package contains condiment for the rice which is some kind of a sesame mix. At the other container there is edamame (boiled soy beans), potato salad with a little mayo and mustard, fried chicken pieces (pre-cut as I won’t be carrying a knife ;)) and little tomatoes.

Each bento should contain food in five colors for a balanced diet: White, black, yellow, red and green. White is rice and black is sesame or nori for rice and the other colors are anything. As you can see, I have white rice, black sesame condiment, yellow potato salad, red tomatoes plus chicken (probably) and green edamame. Plus there is a rule for portions which is 3 parts rice, 1 part protein and 2 parts vegetables. So my bento is probably balanced that way also.

Can’t wait to eat this tomorrow at lunch! 😀

My Room

19 04 2010

I finally settled down, placed my stuff where they should be. And as promised, some pictures and a virtual tour of my room. All 30 meters-squared of it. 🙂 I took these pictures a while ago but just had the time to upload them to my computer and update my blog.

Utility and telephone meters

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Just arrived

2 04 2010

Just arrived to my room. I will take pictures and post them when I settle down.

Packed and ready…

1 04 2010

Just finished packing my bags: Clothes, books, computer(s), camera and my selection of circuit boards! 🙂 Will be working on this stuff there so why leave them here? I especially paid attention to the microcontroller board found here which I used when I was a student and assistant. Of course my BusPirate and WebPlatform are coming with me. Microcontroller programming in C is the best way to adapt to a new place! 😛

I will try to take some pictures when I land and on my way to my dorm, hopefully I will be able to post them on Friday.