Tokyo HackerSpace Hard-Off Tour

27 01 2015

Hard-Off is one of the “Off” store brands that focuses on second hand hardware. I’ve been to their sister chain, Book-Off, to buy some second hand (and cheap!) English books but never found a Hard-Off in my area. One of our members, Ed, likes to reuse old electronics, especially tube amps (he calls them “valve” amps). I really like the idea as it fits with hacking ideology: Understand how something works, fix problems, make it better… I’ve been dying to go to one of these stores and thanks to Ed, we managed to have a day long tour on 4th of January. Summary:

  • 12.5 hours.
  • 2 prefectures: Chiba-ken and Saitama-ken.
  • 4 members of THS: Ed as driver, me as navigator, Henri as photographer and Richard as “laughing-at-terrible-jokes-guy”.
  • Total of 10 Hard-Offs visited!
First shop pf the day. Ed is pointing at the "Hard-Off mobile." (Photo credit: Henri)

First shop of the day. Ed is pointing at the “Hard-Off mobile.” (Photo credit: Henri)

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